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11. Jelena Vojicic   (17.02.2015 10:09 AM) E-mail
I wish you'd come to Canada some day. Divine performance!
Answer: Thank You. We also hope ....
| City: Richmond, BC

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10. Marina   (07.12.2014 5:45 PM)
Good day, dear Peresvet guys! My daughter and me were on your show yesterday. Complete delight! Thank you very much for your work, for the songs of the positive energy that you give your listeners! Your music heals wounded souls, relieves stress, encouraging and gives a great positive attitude!!! We have a huge request to you, please come to us with a concert of sacred music. We are already waiting for your new visit!!
Answer: The request will be considered necessarily. We have a very original program of masterpieces of Russian and foreign spiritual music, so we will be happy to introduce Samara’s audience to that very soon!
| City: Samara

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9. Lilia   (07.12.2014 5:44 PM)
Dear Peresvet, I’ve just returned from your concert in Petrozavodsk (I live 40 km far from the city). This was the third your concert. What a delight to meet you!!! THANK YOU!!! It’s just luck to listen to you, additionally in fairly good hall. Delight, delight ..... in general words, there are not such words to be worthy of your performance. THANK YOU again! And we are waiting for you again in our city!
Answer: The Third concert – and it’s not the last. We promise!
| City: Petrozavodsk

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8. Martina   (07.12.2014 5:42 PM)
Dear singers, I'm from far Slovakia. The first time I heard you singing was at last week and I enjoyed it very much. I do not know the words to describe it. I love your choir and I listen to your songs every night. Oh, how beautifully you sing! I'm going to visit Moscow this autumn and I can only hope that I will hear you on some concert. Until that I will keep listening to your songs on the internet;). Good luck to you all and have a lot of new creative achievements!
Answer: Dear Martina, come to our annual Christmas concerts in Austria. They will include 3 concerts in Vienna. The schedule will be posted on the site in October. We will be glad to see you!!
| City: Michalovce, Slovensko

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7. Evgenia   (07.12.2014 5:38 PM)
Good day!

I haven’t seen your website for quite time, but today listened to the Georgian song – awesome! :). Master Bulat probably also would have liked it ;). Dear Peresvet guys! Happy New Year! Good health to all of you! Do your job, make us happy, it is less and less in this wacky world, unfortunately ... but it’s enough to listen to - and get better. So keep giving all of us the holiday further! All the best!
Answer: And for you - Happy New Year, it's just today it came))))) All the best and thanks for the kind words. The website music library is going to be filled up with new and interesting entries soon, so visit our site more often!))))
| City: Hajnowka, Poland

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6. Nadejzda   (07.12.2014 5:35 PM)
Thank you all for the positive emotions at the Riga concert! Super! Come again! :-) We'll be waiting for you...
Answer: The audience and organizers are satisfied. So do we. It means we'll see each other again soon!
| City: Riga

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5. Maria   (07.12.2014 5:29 PM)
Just returned from you concert - it was absolutely amazing! Thank you very much! I understand that it is difficult to satisfy the tastes of all the audience, but I would really like to get more sacred music included. By the way, do you give "themed concerts"? I am waiting for the next meeting with you! Success! With great respect and appreciation!
Answer: Answer: Of course, we give "thematic concerts" and very diverse ones. This is our strong point. We have discussed this idea with the organizers yet. There are a lot of sites suitable for this kind of concerts in Riga. So everything is possible!
| City: Riga

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4. Egor   (07.12.2014 5:28 PM)
I’d like to pass you many thanks from my heart. You’ve surpassed yourselves with you art! Just awesome concert! Thanks again! I wish you further great success and God bless all your new ideas!
Answer: We still have a lot of creative achievements that must be conquered. Your words inspire us to go further.

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3. Maria   (07.12.2014 5:27 PM)
Dear Sirs! I was fascinated by your creativity as always before! Thank you for the concert at January 15, 2012. I liked your new works, and especially the song "Time to say Good Bye"!!! God bless you and your families!!!
Answer: Hope to keep surprising you and all our listeners many times. There will be premieres necessarily!
| City: Moscow

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2. Riyo Fujita   (16.03.2012 9:12 PM) E-mail
Dear Choir Peresvet! I was deeply fascinated by your performance in Seoul. I am sure that you have charmed the Asian heart with your music completely and perfectly. You yourselves proved that music goes beyond the barrier of language. During your consert I sometimes listened to your chorus with my eyes closed and concentrated on your singing. Then I felt like I was in the some kind of so beautiful and so mystical world. Your performance is so wonderful. Thank you so much for your GREAT GREAT GREAT consert! Next time... I wish to see you in Japan! smile
Answer: Thank you very much! We will be happy to come to Japan!

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