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Moscow Male Choir "Peresvet"

      Originally established in 1997 as a holiday choir of Moscow, the male choir "Peresvet" has taken an active part in the most important events of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Russian patriarch Alexey has been accompanied by "Peresvet" many times on his apostolic journeys both at home and abroad. Moscow Male Choir " Peresvet" has participated in the dedication of the restored temples, performed in units of the Russian Army.
However, it was pretty quickly when "Peresvet" went beyond the purely religious framework in its create and became a universal, highly professional team of concert, performing the most diverse, but always high class music.
And now, along with spiritual music, a significant place in the vast repertoire of the choir "Peresvet" occupy operatic masterpieces, virtuoso arrangements of folk songs and military, urban romances, Soviet and foreign mega hits, the best of the world of popular music and Russian musical heritage. Today the art of the choir "Peresvet" heed not only on festive Orthodox services, but also enthusiastically applauded at the world's biggest music festivals, at the ceremony, prestigious public awards, at large-scale mass celebrations and government Kremlin concerts.
During its existence the male chorus "Peresvet" gave hundreds of concerts in the cities of Russia, Poland, Austria, Germany, UK, Italy, France, Greece, Latvia, Estonia, Cyprus, Switzerland, Spain, Morocco, South Korea ... - on the best world stages, both recitals and accompanied with outstanding singers.
They were applauded with the audience of Paris Saint - Denis and Venetian Cathedral of San - Marco. They spend a sold-out concerts in Vienna St. Stefan and the Town Hall, the Palace of Esterhazy in Eisenstadt, they admired by the audience in a crowded the Basilica of St. Nicholas in Bari ... Their art of singing is understandable everywhere without translation, and their emotional performance style is unique.
This team is spoken and written; the critics and music lovers in Russia and abroad discuss its art. First of all the people notice their impeccable sense of form and style, perfect clarity, quality repertoire, performing a powerful energy, tactful mix of traditional Russian polyphony with bright and colourful elements of modern show aesthetics. And all this go in the combination with a wide range of genres - from ancient authentic music of the Middle Ages and Russian three lines chants, through all the kinds of a choral music, to pop and jazz, pop world - hits, neoclassicism etc.

      Choir "Peresvet" - the most versatile Russian men's vocal ensemble equally feels confident in academic halls with natural acoustics and on the pop scenes in the vocal and instrument microphones shows.
They have become a favourite choir of world-known maestro Goran Bregovic, representing Russia in his multicultural project "Tolerant Heart", dedicated to the reconciliation of nations. "As soon as I heard their concert in Belgrade, I immediately wanted to work with them. In my opinion, this is the best Russian men's choir that I could ever imagine, "- says the maestro Bregovic.

      The work of the choir "Peresvet" as in a kind of magic mirror brilliantly reflects the natural system of Russian life, where - oh, mysterious Russian soul! - so vague boundaries between objective and subjective, personal and shared, onetime, present and future, between dream and reality.
"On the verge of impossible performers can manage to open the innermost core of Russian music. It’s enough to hear them once to become their fan at first sight and forever. Even the recognized experts in the field of choral art can barely remember the other men's choir with voices and ensemble of such level. Their breathing technique is clear, accurate and easy ... Deep and uncompromising vocals combined with an incredibly infectious choruses mesmerizes like concerns secret soul strings, affecting the entire palette of human emotions. They are the executors of the highest class. "Such art raises!"- German "Honnefer Volkszeitung" wrote about the concert choir "Peresvet".

"Peresvet" - is a powerful spiritual support music that stimulates the boundless faith in yourself and powerfully evokes the irresistible force of a victorious will to fight many diseases.
"Peresvet" respects its audience and therefore only sings live, sincerely and without hypocrisy.
The great success of the choir in the audience of absolutely all the ages and the social categories is an excellent proof of the relevance of the repertoire and performing arts of the "Peresvet" artists, and this is a guarantee of its further creative victories.

11 men of the choir "Peresvet". 11 soldiers of good and light. And each of them is singing for you.

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